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Prompt 10

I’d have to say my all-time favorite meal ever is Seafood Newburg. I think the reason that this is my favorite dish is because it is something that I used to make with my nana growing up as a kid. To this day, I still enjoy making this dish with my nana as it has kind of become a tradition between the two of us. This is definitely a food I would never get sick of eating and will definitely be passing this recipe along for generations as “The Nana’s Famous Seafood Newburg”. Seafood Newburg also commonly referred to as Lobster Newburg, is an American seafood dish made from lobster (or any seafood you wish), butter, cream, and sherry usually served over white rice. My nana has always made it with crab meat and shrimp. This dish is so simple yet, in my opinion, the best dish that you could ever eat.

I couldn’t find an accurate picture of what my nana’s looks like when she makes it , but this is pretty close.

Prompt 9

Over the last few years, I have come to realize the importance of knowing what you are eating as well as what you should be eating. My first two years of nursing school, I pretty much ate whatever I wanted (which most of the time was very unhealthy) when I had time. Most days I would not eat breakfast at all and wouldn’t eat lunch until 2 or 3 o’clock (if i even ate lunch). I ate a lot of snacks that were definitely not healthy. The only meal that was balanced was dinner because my parents cooked and made me eat even though I was usually too busy studying or doing homework. I found myself not feeling the best all of the time and I had no energy to do anything and just felt “blah” a lot of the time. It wasn’t until then that I realized that I wanted to be better about what I was eating. After coming to this realization, I now (for the most part) eat three balanced meals a day and choose to eat healthier snack foods throughout the day. There are definitely some days where I fall off the wagon and I definitely have some cheat days. But, for the most part, after changing the way I eat, I feel so much better and have more energy and overall just feel much healthier. I have provided a reference to the CDC’s website that serves as a guide to improve your eating habits as well as a great Ted Talk.

Improving your eating habits. (2020, August 17). Retrieved August 17, 2021, from

Prompt 3

Modern food systems and globalization have a great impact on the relationship to food. Modern food systems allow people to have access to several different foods from all over the world. One issue that I see in food systems today is the delocalization of food meaning that food production is isolated from the consumer. In today’s world, it is not very common that you see people buying locally produced items. The reason behind this is cost and accessibility. It is much easier to go into the grocery store and buy chicken for example rather than getting it from a local establishment. Locally sourced food items tend to be more expensive because they are organic and are not grown/raised using harsh chemicals or selective breeding. If it was easier, I would definitely choose to buy locally rather than from a grocery store as the quality is much better and you are supporting small businesses. A benefit of the modern food system is the use of new technology. New types of technology have helped to reshape the way we grow, process, and consume food. New technologies continue to help improve our food system.

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Prompt 8

The media definitely has a great impact on the relationship people have with food. Social media has become a huge part of peoples’ everyday lives and spend a lot of time on different apps like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tik Tok. For me personally, I believe that media has had a positive impact on my relationship with food. With social media, it is super easy to find new and different recipes for meals, discover new restaurants, and learn about health and nutrition. New research shows that you are more likely to consume the different types of food you see most while on different social media platforms. If I am trying to find something new and different to cook, I usually go to Tik Tok to find some creative new recipes as well as tips for meal prepping. The media has definitely educated me on different food risks as well as what I should be consuming for different health goals. (I always make sure this information is coming from a reputable source)

Millard, E. (2020, September 19). Yep, social media influences your EATING Habits-Here’s How. Retrieved August 17, 2021, from

Prompt 7

The region, geography, and/or local culture definitely influence a person’s food options and choices. I live in Malone, NY which is about 20 minutes from the Canadian border. My town is not very big and only has 3 supermarkets to get groceries from (Walmart, Price Chopper, and Aldi). We more recently have had more family-owned farm stands open up to sell locally grown produce as well as a weekly farmers market where a large group of the Amish as well as other vendors come and sell their homegrown and homemade goods. The farmers market and other locally-owned farm stands are only open for a few months out of the year because of the weather. Malone is also known to be an agricultural town that grows mainly corn and potatoes and also has several dairy farms.

Prompt 6

One component of my identity that I feel shapes my relationship with food is my occupational role. I work as a Registered Nurse working 12.5 hour night shifts on a PCU (Progressive Care Unit). Studies have shown that most night shift nurses have poor eating habits which lead to an imbalance in their diet. They often consume fewer, less nutritious foods and consume foods with more high energy values. It is also common that night shift nurses eat more snacks rather than a balanced meal. Many nights, it is difficult to find time to eat something and especially an actual meal. It is much easier to just snack throughout the night because we are often too tired to eat an actual meal. We also often consume large amounts of caffeine as well as sugary energy drinks during a night shift. By the time I get off of work at 7:30 am and drive an hour home and shower, the last thing I want to do is eat a meal. I usually just try and go right to sleep before I have to wake up and do it all again. I have been trying to be better about eating actual meals rather than just snacking or not eating anything at all.

I found this YouTube video that I thought provides great information about how to maintain a semi-normal eating schedule while working a night shift.

How i maintain a normal eating schedule as a night shift nurse | cook with me. (2019, February 28). Retrieved August 17, 2021, from

Samhat, Z., Attieh, R., & Sacre, Y. (2020, April 15). Relationship between night shift work, eating habits, and BMI among nurses in Lebanon. Retrieved August 17, 2021, from

Prompt 5

Grapes are probably one of my all time favorite fruits and eat them at least once a day. The Middle East, in areas including Israel, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran and Turkey, is usually describes as the homeland of grapes and the cultivation of grapes began there between 6,000 and 8,000 years ago. Grapes can be eaten fresh or can be used to make wine, jam, juice, raisins, as well as oils and vinegar. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), approximately “71% of world grape production is used for wine, 27% as fresh fruit, and 2% as dried fruit.” I knew there were many different kinds of grapes, but I had no idea that there is an estimated 10,000 different kinds of grapes. Some of the most common types of grapes are concord, pinot noir, crimson seedless, cotton candy, and thompson seedless.

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Prompt 4

I chose to go to a restaurant while I was on my trip to Maine recently for my friend’s birthday. It is called Stones Throw located in York, Maine. It is a restaurant/bar located right across from York beach and has a great view of the ocean. I would describe Stones Throw as contemporary casual as it has quite a modern and trendy atmosphere. “The Stones Throw family is committed to supporting our communities, respecting our earth, and using local farms, businesses, and products.” Maine is known for its great seafood, so a large portion of the menu is some kind of seafood. They also have great alternatives for those who do not eat fish or lobster. They also offer a selection of foods for those who are vegetarian or vegan. As far as the price, I do not think the prices of the items were outrageous because the experience and atmosphere were amazing and the food was incredible. Our server as well as all of the staff there were probably some of the best I had ever had in my experiences. There was a lot of diversity in demographics but a majority were around my age (21) or mid 20’s. I think the reason for this is that it is known for its signature cocktails and a large selection of craft beer. If anyone is ever in the area of York, Maine, I would definitely recommend checking this place out.

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Prompt 2

Being a Roman Catholic, myself and my family participate in Lent every year. Lent is “a 40 day session of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving that begins on Ash Wednesday and ends at sundown on Good Friday.” During Lent, I choose not to eat meat on Friday’s. Instead, I either eat some kind of fish (usually a white fish) or different kinds of seafood. Along with giving up eating meat, I try and give up something else during Lent. It can literally be anything you want. For example, in the past I have given up drinking coffee (which was very difficult), eating fast food, social media, and other things as well. I will be honest, there are some times where I forget about it and accidentally eat meat on Friday or use what I have chose to give up during Lent. But, for the most part I try my very best to adhere to these limitations during Lent.

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Prompt 1

In my family, we have a tradition of having a large turkey dinner for thanksgiving every year. I know that this is a very common tradition that many families do however, I feel as though my family does it a little differently. I have a very large family on both my mothers side and my fathers side. So, we alternate every year as to where we will be having thanksgiving. (Either with my fathers side of the family or my mothers side of the family). My family found this much easier rather than trying to go to two places in the same day and eat two large meals. This has been something that my family has done since I was little.

As far as meal preparation, each family usually brings the same dish every year. For example, at Thanksgiving at my grandparents house (my dads side of the family), my papa always makes the turkey and mashed potatoes, my family always brings sweet potato casserole, and my aunt makes her famous macaroni and cheese. It’s really just a big potluck; everyone just brings something the want to make. Many if of the traditional foods eaten on Thanksgiving are made from ingredients that were native to Americans such as turkey, potatoes, yams, pumpkins, and cranberries.

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