Prompt 1

In my family, we have a tradition of having a large turkey dinner for thanksgiving every year. I know that this is a very common tradition that many families do however, I feel as though my family does it a little differently. I have a very large family on both my mothers side and my fathers side. So, we alternate every year as to where we will be having thanksgiving. (Either with my fathers side of the family or my mothers side of the family). My family found this much easier rather than trying to go to two places in the same day and eat two large meals. This has been something that my family has done since I was little.

As far as meal preparation, each family usually brings the same dish every year. For example, at Thanksgiving at my grandparents house (my dads side of the family), my papa always makes the turkey and mashed potatoes, my family always brings sweet potato casserole, and my aunt makes her famous macaroni and cheese. It’s really just a big potluck; everyone just brings something the want to make. Many if of the traditional foods eaten on Thanksgiving are made from ingredients that were native to Americans such as turkey, potatoes, yams, pumpkins, and cranberries.

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