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Prompt 3

Modern food systems and globalization have a great impact on the relationship to food. Modern food systems allow people to have access to several different foods from all over the world. One issue that I see in food systems today is the delocalization of food meaning that food production is isolated from the consumer. In today’s world, it is not very common that you see people buying locally produced items. The reason behind this is cost and accessibility. It is much easier to go into the grocery store and buy chicken for example rather than getting it from a local establishment. Locally sourced food items tend to be more expensive because they are organic and are not grown/raised using harsh chemicals or selective breeding. If it was easier, I would definitely choose to buy locally rather than from a grocery store as the quality is much better and you are supporting small businesses. A benefit of the modern food system is the use of new technology. New types of technology have helped to reshape the way we grow, process, and consume food. New technologies continue to help improve our food system.

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