Prompt 8

The media definitely has a great impact on the relationship people have with food. Social media has become a huge part of peoples’ everyday lives and spend a lot of time on different apps like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tik Tok. For me personally, I believe that media has had a positive impact on my relationship with food. With social media, it is super easy to find new and different recipes for meals, discover new restaurants, and learn about health and nutrition. New research shows that you are more likely to consume the different types of food you see most while on different social media platforms. If I am trying to find something new and different to cook, I usually go to Tik Tok to find some creative new recipes as well as tips for meal prepping. The media has definitely educated me on different food risks as well as what I should be consuming for different health goals. (I always make sure this information is coming from a reputable source)

Millard, E. (2020, September 19). Yep, social media influences your EATING Habits-Here’s How. Retrieved August 17, 2021, from

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